2021 JA Student of The Year: Yakin Vargas

2021 JA Dallas Student of The Year

Yakin Vargas is an all around all-star, a soccer and volleyball player, 4.2 GPA, member of the National Honor Society, and Student Council Representative, amongst other accomplishments and accolades. She is planning to attend Texas A&M University and dreams of becoming a
physical therapist.

Junior Achievement had a big impact after participating in it my junior year of high school. It helped me learn new skills that I didn’t have. For example, I participated in JA Finance Park, whereI learned how to spend my money (depending on the occupation and bills I had to pay). This situation really led me to see how expensive things are, especially if you don’t know how to manage your money! I learned to always work for what I want and know financially what I am doing. It is very important to know how to save and budget money because sometimes we don’t think about the payments that we have to do. Junior Achievement taught me new skills like how to budget, and it influenced me to learn about the different things that adults have to pay for like housing and car insurance. This JA program taught me things that my school is not able to teach me. This situation helped me know how things can be hard as an adult. It’s not easy to save money when we want luxurious things, but it’s important to save money in case of emergencies. The skills that I learned will always be helpful
for me because once I have real bills to pay, I will manage my money correctly and pay everything on time.”

— Yakin Vargas,
Class of 2021-Uplift Peak Preparatory