Checking In, JA Alumni Spotlight: Yakin Vargas, JA Dallas of The Year

Junior Achievement Finalist Reception JD5_1622

About Yakin Vargas:

Yakin Vargas is an all around all-star, a soccer and volleyball player, 4.2 GPA, member of the National Honor Society, and Student Council Representative, amongst other accomplishments and accolades. She is planning to attend Texas A&M University and dreams of becoming a
physical therapist.

Q. What was your experience like filming and being a part of the Dallas Business Hall of Fame?

Having the opportunity to film and be part of the Hall of Fame as the Student of the Year was such an amazing learning experience. It was my first-time filming with a teleprompter! At first, I was nervous because I talk very fast and sometimes people cannot understand what I am saying. However, I really enjoying the filming process because it was something new. It taught me that I can do anything. Overall, the Dallas Business Hall of Fame was an amazing experience. Even though, it was virtual this year, I still found it motivational and inspiring. I got to hear from other JA volunteers and the famous entrepreneurs who were being honored.

Q. What advice would you give the next JA Dallas Student of the Year?

My advice for next Student of the Year is do not give up on your dreams, live every moment and always remember that your hard work will pay off little by little. Remember, it is step by step. As a first-generation student, it is hard to lead the way, but as long as you have dreams and goals you will always have something to work for.

Q. How has JA helped you think differently about your future? Do you use these skills now?

JA has taught me many skills that made me think differently about my future. Before JA, I really did not care about saving or budgeting for all my expenses. After participating in JA, I learned that money plays a huge role in someone's life and future. I also learned that if I do not pay attention to the way, I spend my money and what I do with it that I will probably have a hard time balancing life. I use the skills that I learned in JA Finance Park every day. I know that there are ways I could spend money, but I know that I must save money for college. That is important!

Q. Do you think it’s important for students to take classes that JA offers and why?

I most definitely think it is important for students to take classes that JA offers! JA teaches students important skills that they do not get to learn in a regular, school classroom. Yes, school teaches the basics of financial literacy, but JA goes more in depth with saving and budgeting money for all types of expenses. Students will need these skills when they start becoming adults. I would suggest that students need to at least participate in one JA program to really know about the importance of money and how to manage it.