JA Career Speaker Series

What is JA the Career Speaker Series?

Business professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers from a variety of industries join this powerful career readiness experience to share their personal and professional career journey with students. This can be done virtual (LIVE) or via submitted video.

The JA Career Speaker Series offers speakers representing ALL of the 16 career clusters. In addition, we offer special interest events such as:

Topics Include:

  • Dirty Jobs (professions that can be a little messy)
  • I Am Black History Reel

  • Women in STEM

  • Women in Male-Dominated Industries

  • Careers in Military Service

  • Tech Careers

  • Careers in Finance Professions

  • Soft Skills, Ethics, and Character (Led by the Travis Manion Foundation)

  • Global Diversity

  • World Teacher’s Day

How do I participate?

K-12 School Systems, Home School Networks, or Parents

Participation is easy. The impact is life-changing:

  1. Register your K-12th grade students or youth participant by clicking JA Virtual Career Speaker Series in our program request form
  2. Select a date for your speaker to visit your class virtually OR request access to JA Virtual Career Speaker Series video library.
  3. Incorporate into lesson plans and/or virtual career exploration events opportunities for students to explore industries and/or the company your they will view.
  4. Complete the Pre & Post Assessments to let us know what you/your students have learned.

Individuals, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Community Based Organizations wanting to share their personal and professional journey with JA students.

Inspire the entrepreneurs and workforce of the future!

  1. View the JA Virtual Career Speaker Series Sign-up Genius (coming soon) to select a date for your presentation.
  2. Complete the JA Volunteer Form
  3. Review the JA Virtual Career Speaker Volunteer Guide (coming soon)