Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and providing a launch pad for tomorrow’s brightest innovators.

JA’s hands-on entrepreneurship programs expose youth to business concepts—helping them understand that start-ups are a viable career option, and providing opportunities to run their own businesses, work as part of a team, and be guided by real-world mentors, including local entrepreneurs and business professionals. Through teamwork, students learn to understand and appreciate the responsibilities each person has in running a business. By utilizing a learning model that incorporates 21st century technology and contemporary teaching methods, students learn in ways that foster innovation and ingenuity. Volunteer role models connect with students in both traditional and digital classrooms while sharing their personal and professional experiences to further ignite students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Launch Lesson
Available for all ages/grade levels

JA Launch Lesson is an inspirational in-classroom experience led by local entrepreneurs. Students gain firsthand knowledge about starting a business and the entrepreneurial journey, understanding and learning the opportunities, challenges, and preparation required for successful participation in the global economy and the workforce.                

JA Launch Lesson program details:

• In-Person and Virtual

• 1 hour presentation led by a JA volunteer


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JA It’s My Business
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JA Company Program
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