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Bring industry into the classroom with K-12th grade Junior Achievement programs.


JA programs can be implemented as in-class programs or taught remotely. Most JA Program content is available online in the JA Connect Learning Platform. Students can access digital materials directly through our learning platform and teachers can choose to make student files available through their existing classroom platforms or print materials for the student activities. Kit-based and digital Spanish translated versions of JA Elementary programs are also available.

JA Elementary programs consist of five 45-minute sessions. All programs can also be offered by community organizations as a part of day-camp or after-school programs.

Volunteers are recruited by JA to assist teachers in program delivery. Our vast volunteer network includes local community members and leaders, small business owners and corporate supporters.

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Elementary Programs

JA Ourselves


A Ourselves® introduces students to the intersection of financial literacy and early elementary grades social studies learning objectives. Through hands-on classroom activities, the program provides students with an introduction to personal economics and the choices consumers make to meet their needs and wants. It also introduces students to the role of money in society while providing them with practical information about earning, saving, and sharing money.


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