JA Finance Park


A Generation Of Youth Prepared With The Knowledge To Budget.

JA Finance Park helps students build a foundation upon which they can make intelligent financial decisions that last a lifetime, including decisions related to income, expenses, savings, and credit.

Entry Level JA Finance Park Virtual (Grades 6-8)

Prior to the simulation, students participate in a series of teacher-driven lessons on earnings, credit, debt, banking, savings, investments, taxes, and other core financial topics. Students then have the opportunity to apply these learnings to each aspect of their financial life when they enter JA Finance Park Virtual.

During the online simulation—and within the parameters of their unique career and life situation—they will use bank services, contribute to charities, purchase housing, transportation, furnishings, food, and health care, and budget for education expenses. They will also make investment decisions and work to create and balance their personal budgets.

JA Finance Park Advanced: (Grades 9-12) NEW*

After completing at least 8 teacher-led instructions, students may visit JA Finance Park in a realistic on-site community at JA World, or online in a virtual community while remaining in their classroom.

During their visit students design their own life scenario, including a job, salary, and family situation, to use as the basis for their simulation experience. With their real-life personas, students experience first-hand what it is like to pay bills and manage their money from their teenage years through retirement.

JA Finance Park provides an eye-opening experience that gives students a solid foundation on which to build effective personal financial habits for life.


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