JA Bowl-A-Thon


  • The JA Dallas Special Events Manager will plan and execute the entire event with your company’s Bowl-a-Thon Coordinator.
  • The Bowl-a-Thon Coordinator will recruit at least 10 teams of 5 bowlers with 1 Team Captain per team.
  • Bowlers will fundraise for 4 – 6 weeks leading up to the event.
  • The fundraisers will then celebrate at the Bowl-a-Thon while enjoying two hours of bowling, complete with food, drinks, music, and fun!

How it Works

Bowl-a-Thons are themed, and each team is encouraged to dress up in their best themed-outfits. Companies recruit teams of 5 bowlers to have a great time at various bowling alleys around the DFW area.

  • The company will set a fundraising goal of at least $10,000, with each team setting their goal at $1,000 ($200 per individual). If the overall goal is reached, those dollars will provide 370 Dallas-area students with JA programming!
  • The JA Dallas Special Events Manager will create a user-friendly fundraising website for your bowlers to register for the event, begin fundraising, and share their personal fundraising page link via email or social media with their friends and families.
  • Then, on the day of the Bowl-a-Thon, your employees arrive and have a great time bowling with their coworkers!
  • Bowlers who reach their personal fundraising goal of $200 will receive a Bowl-a-Thon t-shirt at the event.
  • Additional trophies, awards, or prizes can be arranged with JA staff to distribute at the event.

Team Building Event

  • Many companies use this as an opportunity to support the community while hosting a team building event.
    • Employees work together to achieve individual and team goals.
    • You can challenge other departments and have numerous other contests.
    • Volunteering in the community and supporting community events helps your employees become better professionals by enhancing their business skills and leadership abilities. Your company becomes stronger as you strengthen each employee.
    • Your employees will make a direct impact on our community and on students right here in Dallas. With every $27 your employees raise, they will sponsor one Dallas-area student to receive Junior Achievement programs!