For Fifth Year in Row, JA and Ernst Young Team Up During National Entrepreneurship Month

For the fifth year in a row, Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) will connect entrepreneurs with high school students across the country during November, National Entrepreneurship Month, to share their experience with teens and to encourage them to consider business ownership as a career option. The initiative, known as JA Launch Lesson, has traditionally involved entrepreneurs acting as mentors in the classroom. But given the “new normal” this school year, JA is offering virtual and remote options. Over the past five years, JA and EY US have reached more than 210,000 high school students with this learning experience.

Additionally, JA and EY US have teamed up for JA Connect Entrepreneurship, a new and engaging online experience that helps teens gain an understanding of what it takes to start and successfully run a business. The site uses bite-sized content that is easily relatable to today’s teens and helps them start the journey to becoming tomorrow’s successful business owners. JA Connect Entrepreneurship is available at

“Small business continues to play a critical role in the economic well-being of communities,” said Jack E. Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA. “The earlier young people are provided access to entrepreneurial experiences, the more likely they are to consider careers in entrepreneurship as adults. We greatly appreciate EY for their vision and support of these two important initiatives.”

“EY has a long heritage of empowering the next generation of entrepreneurship and we’ve loved exposing JA students directly to entrepreneurs accordingly,” said Marna Ricker, EY Americas Vice Chair – Tax Services. “Junior Achievement’s latest initiatives, specifically focused on teens and business ownership, will help young minds thrive in their entrepreneurial journey as they look to make an impact in their communities and in building a better working world.”

JA Launch Lesson is a 50-minute educational experience built around the theme of entrepreneurship that creates a point-of-entry for students, volunteers, and educators. It is delivered locally by entrepreneurs virtually, in classrooms, and in other student venues around the United States during National Entrepreneurship Month. Entrepreneurs are provided with a guide by JA that gives them the opportunity to connect with students, offer relevant information about their company and entrepreneurial journey, and share advice and next steps for students who are interested in starting their own business.

JA Connect Entrepreneurship provides self-guided, on-demand learning experiences and resources to high school students interested in entrepreneurship. The site’s content and resources are designed to offer different learning experiences: augment and extend JA Entrepreneurship Pathway programs, explore entrepreneurial ideas independently and guide JA students in the next steps of their entrepreneurial journeys (planning, incubating and launching their own startups).