High School Programs

High School Programs

As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievement’s high school programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about their future, and fosters skills that will be highly useful in the business world.

JA Career Success


Grade: High School
Financial Literacy level: Low
Work Readiness level: High
Entrepreneurship level: Medium

Program Brief

Program Overview

Common Core Standards (ELA)

JA Career Success equips students with the tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in high-growth career industries.

This program covers key topics, such as 4Cs: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity; strong soft skills; work priorities; STEM and other high-growth industries;
personal-brand and job-hunting tools—resumes, cover letters, interviews, and digital profiles.

JA Finance Park Virtual


Grade: 7-12 Middle School, High School
Financial Literacy level:  High
Work Readiness level: Medium
Entrepreneurship level: Low

Program Brief

JA Finance Park Virtual invests in students early on, empowering them to make intelligent lifelong financial decisions including career interests, personal values, how education affects their earning potential. budgeting, credit, interest rates, and how saving today will affect their tomorrow.  (Grades 7-12).

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JA High School Heroes


Grade: High School
Financial Literacy level: Low
Work Readiness level: High
Entrepreneurship level: Low

Program Brief

Program Overview

JA High School Heroes provides leadership development opportunities to high school students who deliver JA programs in elementary schools. (Grades 9-12)

JA Personal Finance


Grade: Elementary School, Middle School 

Financial Literacy level: High 

Work Readiness level: High 

Entrepreneurship level: High

Program Brief

Program Overview

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Common Core Standards
(ELA & Math)

Through JA Personal Finance Blended Model, students experience the interrelationship between today's financial decisions and future financial freedom. To achieve financial health and wellness, they learn about money-management strategies and how their personal finances affect their quality of life. They will understand how their financial choices will be the basis of how they get what they want and need.

JA Learn and Earn App

JA Learn and Earn is a brand-new app, created by the founders and engineers that helped to build and launch Acorns, the fastest growing micro-investing app in the country. This app allows middle and high school students to learn financial literacy skills anytime, anywhere, in a fun and engaging gaming experience. The JA Learn and Earn App is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

JA Inspire

Inspire Booth 1

Who better to excite and educate students about career opportunities than the employers who will be hiring them? The virtual Inspire platform and curriculum bring employers and students together to Inspire tomorrow's workforce. 


JA BOLD Student Pics

Designed for female students to learn and become the powerful, female leaders of tomorrow! BOLD girls will connect with professional women and will learn how to be empowered, EMBOLDENED and LIMITLESS!

Check out our last year's event!

JA Company Program

August 29, 2019. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

JA Company Program empowers high school students to fill a need or solve a problem in their community and teaches them practical skills required to conceptualize, capitalize, and manage their own business venture. Community volunteers and mentors provide real-world guidance and experience to the student-led startup.

JA Virtual Career Speaker Series

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FALL SESSIONS 9/15 – 11/19

What is JA Virtual Career Speaker Series?

Business professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers from a variety of industries join this powerful career readiness experience to share their personal and professional career journey with students. This can be done virtual (LIVE) or via submitted video. The JA Virtual Career Speaker Series offers speakers representing ALL of the 16 career clusters.