Junior Achievement and Discover Launch JA Finance Park Virtual® to Help Teens Better Understand Financial Concepts

Today, Junior Achievement USA, with the support of Discover, is announcing the launch of JA Finance Park Virtual®. The program is designed to help Middle and High School students better understand how to manage money by assigning them simulated life-scenarios and challenging them to successfully manage their finances.

The program, which aligns with national and state educational standards, is delivered by a teacher, with the support of a volunteer from the local business community. This can be done either in-person, online, or in a hybrid model. Students then use a laptop or mobile device to participate in the JA Finance Park Virtual simulation. The program helps teens gain a better understanding of how to assess difficult financial situations and weigh their options.

"Many Americans’ first experience with managing finances is as adults when getting something wrong can have life-changing implications," said Jack E. Kosakowski, President and CEO of Junior Achievement USA. "With JA Finance Park Virtual, teens can try, and potentially fail, in a safe environment that includes lessons on money management. We greatly appreciate Discover’s support in helping us get these lessons to as many young people as possible through online delivery."

“JA Finance Park Virtual gives students the opportunity to learn money management skills needed to make important education, career, and financial decisions, said Brian Hughes, Executive Vice President at Discover, and also a Junior Achievement of Chicago Board member. Helping people achieve brighter financial futures has long been Discover’s mission and we believe that mission extends to the classroom. The lessons learned through JA Finance Park Virtual will benefit teenagers long after they leave school.”

For more information about Junior Achievement and programs like JA Finance Park Virtual, visit www.JA.org.