Ways to Volunteer


Ways To Volunteer

JA Week to Week

Where:  In a school classroom in our community (in-person or virtual)
Time Investment: Typically one hour, for five days

Junior Achievement programs correlate to various national, state, and district educational standards. See how by clicking below!

JA in a Day

Where: In a school classroom in your community (in-person or virtual)
Time Investment: Just one day‎

This experience uses the same JA programs as the standard method, but it's condensed into a single day for a high-impact experience! Perfect for the volunteer who can take just a day away from work

JA Career Speakers Series

Where: At your Partner School or Virtually
Time Investment: 2 to 4 hours

Business professionals volunteer to speak with middle and/or high school students about their career path and education background.

JA Finance Park® or JA BizTown®

Where: In a JA facility that is a simulated city (in-person or virtual)
Time Investment: Typically 6 hours

You'll be in an actual simulated city! Yes, you'll help guide students through their assigned family scenario where they will visit many different businesses. They must purchase items to meet the needs of their family, such as insurance, clothing, transportation, housing, groceries, and childcare—without spending more than they earn. Come join in on the fun as students get to be adults for the day!  


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Are you a JA Alumn?

We would love to see you again! We bet Junior Achievement made a difference in your life! Get Involved and learn how you can re-engage with us!